Self-Worth and The Creative Process

An Interview Between Two Artists and Creators

Reflecting on Art, Creativity, and Self-Worth

As the Northern Hemisphere welcomes spring, with its vivid blossoms and promise of renewal, I am pleased to share a distinct format in our ongoing series of video podcasts. This edition is not merely a continuation but an evolution, merging the natural resurgence of the season with profound, reflective dialogue on the interplay between art, technology, and personal development.

In this session, I engage with Christopher O'Connor, whose career as a visual artist intertwines deeply with his technical skills and intimate relationship with nature. His artworks, ranging from expansive coastal waterscapes to detailed blossom studies, embody the structural complexities of the natural world. Set beneath the canopy of a blossoming cherry tree, our conversation offers visual and thematic depth, exploring the structures that captivate Christopher's artistic eye.

Our discussion delves into Christopher's journey from his initial fascination with technical drawing to his mature appreciation of nature's intricate patterns. He articulates how this connection shapes his artistic output and reinforces his personal and professional identity. We explore the critical themes of creativity and self-worth, considering how the often solitary journey of an artist necessitates a redefinition of success—one that favors personal satisfaction over external validation. Christopher's perspective on the intricacies of the art business and the relentless pursuit of authenticity offers invaluable insights, resonating with anyone dedicated to a life of creative endeavor.

Two large, abstract artworks divided into panels. The left artwork features bright yellow and white tones with intricate textures, while the right artwork has layers of red and white, suggesting dynamic movement.

Details of the process Christopher employs to build intricate detail on his large format Coastal Waters paintings. Larger canvas is 72” x 84” (6’ x 7’).

During our dialogue, we discussed the foundational role of self-worth for artists and anyone seeking a holistic life experience. We examined how self-worth underpins much of our creative output and personal development, reflecting deeply on how self-perception influences our work and interactions with the world. The conversation emphasized that understanding and nurturing our self-worth is akin to nurturing the roots of a tree, essential for stability and growth yet often overlooked.

A woman standing on rocky coastal terrain with arms raised, holding a yellow scarf. The image includes the motivational phrase 'Love Yourself' in pink script with a heart, emphasizing self-affirmation."

Start with self-worth in all that you do.

To enrich this dialogue visually and thematically, I have woven video art over our conversation — featuring the blossoming cherry tree we admire in our dialogue. The motion of the artwork and the elements of spring are a metaphor for the themes of change and renewal, reminding us that embracing uncertainty builds resilience and keeps us open to creativity and connection. The visual progression of the tree in bloom, intertwined with our discussion, underscores the message that personal and artistic growth often comes from navigating the complexities and uncertainties of life.

I invite you to watch this episode and engage with the fusion of art and innovation it presents. Your insights are always welcome, and I look forward to your reflections on how creativity intersects with technology and personal growth. 

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Looking ahead, I will be attending the Brxnd.AI conference in NYC next week, preparing to bring back fresh insights that bridge technology and human creativity.

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For more information on Christopher's art, follow him on social media, and check out his website. If you find yourself in Maine (or are interested in viewing online art through his representing galleries), view available artworks in person or online at The Portland Art Gallery and Artemis Gallery.

Until next time, let's keep pushing the boundaries of what it means to be balanced, creative, and fully human.

Be kind to yourself & someone else while you are at it.

— Sonia, a.k.a SuperSonic ☮️

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