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What People Are Saying

“TheTechMargin’s content is like a rejuvenating therapy session for high-tech enthusiasts, reading the newsletters helps one take a step back from the ‘high pressure cooker’ that is our demanding corporate and personal duties. While also re-aligning our thinking to our core values and thinking. Just as therapy nourishes the mind, TheTechMargin's content nurtures my tech-savvy soul. Keep the content coming! ”

DannyQuote-To-Cash Systems Architect

“Sonia's emails are one of the few I actually look forward to reading. I love her creative spark and can feel her passion when reading her emails. She always comes up with interesting ideas, new perspectives, and a lovely design. I even shared some of her posts with my friends and used her ideas to advance my own career. Her newsletter has always been worth reading and enjoyable”

Tobias BluederStrategy Consultant

“Sonia is a highly skilled technical communicator and facilitator. She has a unique ability to explain complex technical concepts in a way that is easy for all audiences to understand. She can simplify complex ideas without losing the core meaning and context. She has a deep understanding of her field of expertise and is able to explain it in an engaging and interactive way.

Sonia is a natural facilitator. She excels in leading panel discussions and group conversations and creates a positive atmosphere. She's able to keep the discussion on track and make sure everyone's voice is heard. I highly recommend Sonia for any role that requires technical communication or facilitation skills.”

SandyLead Educator & Technical Writer

“It's really rare when you find someone with such a large range of skills with great personality to boot. Sonia is one of the most talented developers that I've worked with. Her knowledge of Salesforce, as well as front and back end code is really a tremendous asset. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and share knowledge.

Sonia is also someone that you can really talk with and collaborate on different projects and ideas. I love the fact that she is not just looking to "do things the way that they've always been done" but go beyond, see the bigger picture and look to continue to evolve and grow wherever she is at. She is really big on team and wants to be a part of a bigger vision. ”

BenSr. Manager, Engineering