Be Nice to Yourself

Self-Worth in Practice

Words Have Power

As a mother, I've always been mindful of the words my children use, particularly when expressing strong emotions. While some may find it strange, I've discouraged my kids from using the word "hate," knowing from my own mental health journey that words carry immense power.

This powerful truth hit home recently when I overheard a conversation at the gym. A woman who is fit, strong, and 40-something repeatedly complained about her body getting old— expressing frustration and self-criticism. Her words struck a chord with me as I was partnered with a 65-year-old woman who radiated confidence and vitality.

My older friend turned to me and shared a profound insight: "Let's choose kinder words when we talk about ourselves. We should not fear aging but will never learn to embrace what we fear." Her words served as a potent reminder that how we speak about ourselves matters.

By engaging in negative self-talk, we create a narrative that undermines our self-worth and hinders our ability to navigate life's challenges gracefully. On the other hand, when we consciously choose words that celebrate our strengths, resilience, and unique beauty, we cultivate a mindset of self-acceptance and empowerment.

The language we choose can either uplift or diminish our sense of self (and that of those we love), and it's up to us to select words that align with the energy we seek to put out into the world. Language is one small aspect of our expression and one that is very much within our orbit of control.

Bring awareness to the words you choose when you are frustrated or stressed. Do you self-sabotage with disparaging language about the self or those you love? Awareness is the first step toward making change.

When we build self-trust by speaking kindly about ourselves, we create a stronger and more loving identity, allowing us to adopt a generative mindset and charisma that draws others to our radiance rather than pushing them away from us with negativity.

This is not false or forced positivity but the absence of criticism and self-sabotage that our words can so easily slip into when we lack awareness of the power packaged within our language. This simple practice is an act of self-love and builds a strong foundation for deeper work and understanding.

If you need another reason, consider how you believe a young child should be spoken to and whether your current language aligns with your values. Inside each of us is a young child who can believe in herself fully or become riddled with self-doubt. You are the adult this child lives inside of, and you decide whether your inner child is encouraged or discouraged.

Art and Tech In Conversation 

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Lisa Belisle of Radio Maine to discuss, well, we covered the gamut of subjects. Reality and perception are among the myriad topics Dr. Lisa and I explored. Tech and creativity as tools to expand the work and art we make are constant pursuits of mine, and I delved deeply into these topics with Dr. Lisa. 

Below is a snippet from our conversation; the recording will be available in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more, or subscribe to Radio Maine on YouTube to get notified.

AI for Your Business

New and hot off the press, my guide for getting started with AI is ready. The landing page is live; you can download your copy of the Getting Started with AI guide for free.

If you have yet to learn why you might want to use AI in your business, I made a short video highlighting the benefits of exploring these new and powerful tools.

Check out the video below and get the guide here.


This article is slightly abbreviated as I am headed down to NYC for my friend Noah Brier’s Brxnd.AI conference. Next week, I will feature what I learned and share highlights from this exciting event. If you want to know more about the conference and read my takeaway from the first iteration in 2023, check out the article I wrote last year— on the heels of the tech layoffs and starting my startup. Wow, what a year!

Until next week, enjoy some spring weather (if you are lucky to be experiencing it). For those who are sadly not in springtime, I am sharing a photo of our abundant blossom tree in her magnificent biannual bloom. This tree embodies the radiance within each of us when we put down our hurt and let ourselves be loved, first and foremost, with the exquisite power of self-love.

Cherry blossom flowers

A reminder of your magic — inside and out.

Be kind to yourself & someone else while you are at it.

— Sonia, a.k.a SuperSonic ☮️

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